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An in-depth World-Class Program

that teaches students to..

• Handle & Utilize Traditional Nunchaku

• Manipulate Creative Nunchaku

• Handle & Utilize Traditional Bong

• Manipulate Creative Bo


  Train with


Hope Chase

The World's Number #1 Female Nunchucks expert and Four-Time Weapons World Champion and Weapons Black Belt

2 Time World Title Holder!


White Viper Karate is Pittsburgh's ONLY HOME of Sport Karate & Traditional Karate 

Weapons World Champions!


If you live in Pittsburgh, then you have real Karate World Champions in your backyard right here at White Viper Karate! Don't mistake the term "World Champions" with local karate tournament 1st Place trophies or "Organizational (inner-school)" Grand Championships---we have hundreds upon hundreds of those! Like the Steelers are 6-Time NFL Super Bowl Champions, "Hurricane" Hope Chase has 10 Super Grands

National Black Belt League (NBL)  World Titles!


Every Mon., Wed. & Fri. from 5:30pm until 6:30pm


Specializing In...

Nunchaku(Sahng Jeol Bongs)

Staff (Bong/Bo)










Available to White Viper Students/Members ONLY at an extra $30.00 per student, per month. 


Private Lessons available for:

$40 a half-hour and $80 per hour.
















"Hurricane" Hope Chase is available for Private Lessons and Seminars for Creative and Traditional Nunchaku. She teaches and trains six-days-a-week at her family's dojang, White

Viper Martial Arts Training Center in Imperial, PA.


Hope is a World Champion in both Creative and Traditional Chucks and is sponsored by

Fighter's Inc. and TOP TEN apparell. "Hurricane" is well known for her dazzling mastery of nunchaku and is the co-founder of the Platinum Tiger Mu Deok Gwan Nunchaku Curriculum. Visit for more details, or contact us via the "Contact" menu tab above to inquire about seminar fees and availability.


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