Main Gym for INVICTA FC Fighter,

"Hurricane" Hope Chase

• Full MMA Strength & 
  Conditioning Program
• Karate-Base MMA Striking 
• Grappling-heavy Ground-Base
• 20'cage with 3" matted flooring
• Positive & Productive atmosphere

Are you interested in learning MMA in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT?

Interested in Karate-Style standup with fierce grappling?

Do you have trouble finding lighter-weight partners?

Are you a female needing SAFE MALE TRAINING PARTNERS, but WOMEN PARTNERS Also?

If all or any of the above  is "Yes", Our gym is your ticket!

Main Gym for...
Brigid "Kahn" Chase

5x Sport Karate Fighting Champion, "Bam-Bam" Bessy Chase

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White Viper Martial Arts Training Center, LLC 
703 U.S. Route 30, # 3 • Imperial, PA 15126 • 412-489-2460